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Monday, April 22, 2013

Being The Boss

It's hard being the boss of someone when you do the same job as them.  I'm learning this the hard way.  I understand why NG doesn't look at me as her boss because we have a unique situation where I got promoted, yet I'm still doing reception.  Not many people have a position where their boss is doing their job until they come in, and covers their break.  At least, I don't think a lot of people have experienced that.

 It's also hard being the boss of someone who has decided that she will be absolutely miserable the second she walks through the lobby doors.  NG has decided to no longer fake being a happy adult, but to just look and act miserable.  Don't even ask her how her day is going unless you want to her to break it down of how awful her job is. 

Being the only person in the entire office that knows what it's like to be a receptionist and understand how painful and under appreciated it can be, you think she would look to me to guidance.  Nope.  She looks at me and doesn't understand why I got a new title and why she has to be stuck at the desk.  

Seriously?, I've been here for YEARS.  I've put my time in, and I have put up with a lot.  No body is going to promote a miserable person, and everyone can tell you're not happy.  If you're gonna be miserable, blog! Apparently 26 people out there love reading about some random girl's bad day! ;)

Any who! In between of thinking what the heck I was going to do with this girl, and praying that she might quit, I was sitting at the front desk with Jim (who is still my buddy - which is still freaking me out...) a store manager who was visiting the home office came up to the desk and ask if she could ask me a question.  She overheard me answer the phone while she was in the lobby and noticed that I looked up a store's phone number, gave a contact name, and seemed to  be an overly nice person to the caller.  Is this what I normally do with callers?

I explained to her that for the most part, I always try to get the caller the information they're looking for, if it's available to me.  Why.  What happened.

She laughed, no no, nothing.  Just wondering.  

She lied.

She went on to talk about how she had called one day (and she knew the exact date and time because she was traveling and was in her car) and the girl who answered said that she wouldn't look up a phone number for her, and that if she wasn't looking for anyone in the corporate office she couldn't help her.


Now I have managers complaining about NG and how badly she sucks.  I look at Jim and he tells me I have to talk to NG, and if she doesn't improve, I can write her up.  First of all, write her up? What the heck does that even mean?  This isn't school.  And second, no no no! I don't want to do this!!!

I send her a meeting request for later in the afternoon and she doesn't accept.  She doesn't say no, she just decided to completely ignore my email.  So I go out to the lobby and tell her Mark is going to cover the phones so we can chat.  We'll have our first "one on one".  Riiiight.  

We get in the room and I immediately start talking about the conversation I had with the manager.  She lies and tells me maybe it was when we had a temp in.  I tell her no, she told me the date and time and that's when you were up there.  NG, you can't do that.  You're a receptionist, it's part of the job.

"ok" with a smirk on her face. 

OK?? that's all you have to say? I tell her that we're a team and when one person isn't doing what they're supposed to, it looks bad on both of us.  

"Yup, got it." 

I end the meeting and send her back to the lobby.  I come out of the room to Jim and Dee (my new team member), who were dying to know what happened.  When they saw NG looking all "whatever Ruby" and me looking pissed, they asked what happened.

I know I suck as a manager since I've never been one before, but c'mon!  TRY to help me out, NG!  
Can't she just be a normal employee and suck up to her boss??  Just bring me a coffee in the morning and everything will be a-ok! ;)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What the!

Anyone know why all my pictures are gone?!?!? How do I fix this?!?!  Guess I will be updating my blog since everything is gone! haha!

Voting Time!

So here's the thing.  A lot of drama has gone down at work.  And I mean, A LOT.  Unfortunately my blog has suffered because when I wasn't working, all i wanted to do was come home and zone out and do nothing.  But the thing is...I miss my blog.  I miss writing about my days and knowing that I have 26 people out there reading it.  Or laughing at me.  Or smile because they know that someone else in this crazy world has a reeeeeee-diggity-donk-u-lous job.  

So my bloves, what do I do?  Do I catch up one blog at a time reliving the crazy, or do you just want one big summarized post?

Let me know and that's what I'll do.  I have so much to blog and I want nothing more than to catch everyone up.  I'm hoping to revamp the blog, since I'm not longer the receptionist, so I promise to do that too.

So write in the comments and I'll do whatever gets the most votes.

Get excited, Ruby is back.  For realz this time!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Conference Call

I know, I suck.  I won't even go into telling you how busy my life is, but if it makes you feel any better, I've been sucking at everything lately.  My apartment is a disaster, I'm late on paying bills, I'm working late every day, and still pretending that I live like a rock star and go out as much as I can possibly can.  Except for this past weekend, when we got nailed with a blizzard, but even then I was sipping champagne ;)

So, let's get to it.  The event that happened today that made me go: "I know I haven't blogged in forever, and I know that I have plans tonight, but when I get home, I AM BLOGGING!!"

Adjusting to my new boss has certainly been a challenge, and while I do think its for the best, and she will get me off reception completely, it's been definitely a new thing for me to have a boss who is always there.  She's constantly emailing me, having me go into her office to chat, coming to my desk to chat, or just appearing out of nowhere to be standing exactly where I am.  I get it, she's hands on, and wants to understand what I do.  It's probably a normal thing bosses do, I'm just so used to BossBoss not caring about me or my job at all.

So to catch you up to speed, I'm project lead on this huge project that is going live to the entire company on Friday.  I have been working on it for about 8 months, and in 3 days, the entire company will see what I've been up to.  It's either going to be amazing or very very bad.  I'm absolutely terrified, however, next week I take a mini vacation, so I just need to survive a couple days.  (And then come back from my trip only to be stressed to the max all over again).
So anyways, today while on my weekly call with this company I'm working with for this huge project, my boss decided humor was needed.  The company is sending out one of their IT guys on Friday to make sure my roll out goes smoothly.  He's also there to help with the 2 trainings I'm hosting, and hopefully get all the executive assistants and admins familiar with the software to decrease the amount of people emailing me for help.

Over the past 8 months, I have been working exclusively with a guy named Colin.  And I mean like talking on the phone everyday for at least 2 hours.  And who do you think they are sending out on Friday? A guy named CHARLIE.  What the hell.  Why not the guy I know?  I feel like I know this Colin guy - we have personal chats while the software is uploading or the hot fixes are being applied.  So, even though I've never met him, I talk to him more than I talk to some of my friends during the week.  I definitely know the guy.  

So Charlie is coming out.  Whatever, as long as I get the help I need.  So new boss thinks it would be funny to say, Oh Charlie, you're going to LOVE Ruby!  She's adorable, blonde and so cute.  Oh, did I mention she's single??

Enter me, probably bright red from embarrassment saying no no no, over and over again.  Thank God it's a conference call, but I'm in my boss's office, on speaker phone with her and one of my co-workers, Dee.  She kept going on and on, and (I think) I just kept saying "hahah... no no no" over and over.  I think Colin jumped in about how Charlie was married, so maybe he should come with him.

I wanted to die.  New Boss thought it was funny and since we've been having a lot of issues with the company, thought it would lighten the mood.  Um... if by lighten the mood you mean be completely unprofessional, then yes! yes, you achieved that!  

To make matters worst, Dee and I rushed to Facebook to search for these guys.  (Which, I had done before, but wasn't having much luck finding Colin).  I mean, it would be kind of fun if all this time I've been chatting with a really handsome gorgeous guy.  And then it happens.  We find him.

And he's a ginger.

Oh well.  Better luck next time. 

(Yes, that really is the end of this blog.)

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a very happy New Year!

Hello my long lost friends!!  I apologize for being so insanely busy that I haven't gotten a chance to blog.  A lot has happened.  But first of all, Happy New Year!  It's gonna be a good year, I can just tell!

- Bill and I decided to be friends again.  We had a little fall out, and I was definitely to blame for it, but it made me realize that I really do enjoy having him in my life.  We've known each other 6 years (I started 3 weeks after him) and that's an extremely long time.  So what if I use him for all my IT needs, we're friends again, and that's what friends do :)

- Boss boss is no longer my boss.  The reception team got switched over to a new department and I now have a boss that I see every single day.  I even talk to her multiple times a day.  It's been a really weird transition for me, but overall, I think it will be best for me.  It's just definitely weird having a boss want to know what I do, and seeming to care about it as well.  What?  bosses can be nice and supportive?!

- Dreamy and I... well, I don't know.  The crush came back and we went out on a couple dates.  I don't know if he even wants it to go anywhere and I'm just too busy and too dumb when it comes to dating to really notice or pursue.  It is fun when we hang out, but it's weird in the sense that we don't really talk all that much in between hang outs.  He says hello in the morning when he walks in and I just sit there and stare.  I'm usually IMing with NJ and I'll interrupt her to tell her how cute hes looking today.  Then she tells me to make out with him in the office, haha!  Half of me thinks he's playing a game, and then he takes me out on an incredible date and I think he's into me.  Boys... they're weird. 

- Jim and I STILL get along.  I have no idea what is happening.

Ok and the most important story to fill you in

........drum roll please............

I don't think I can blog anymore.

Hahah I'm just kidding, I just can't blog about being a receptionist anymore.  After 6 years, and the last 2 of them doing a completely different job, I have been promoted.

Yup, you read that right.  I got promoted.

I now manage reception and all events and meetings within the office.  Granted I still have to do everything I was doing before, and I'm still on the phones in the morning and the only back up for NG, but now I'm her boss.  hahahahahahahha.  It's a weird weird thing.  Going from co-worker to supervisor is defintiely going to be a hard transition but I'll make do.  I finally have the title to put on the resume to get me out of here :)

Like I said, 2013 is going to be a very very good year.

So let me know what to do, I'm gonna need to change my blog around.  Any and all ideas are welcomed! :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Meeting Sue the Caterer

Today I met one of my vendors.

I order from a lot of caterers, and I've developed a really fun relationship with all of them.  The majority of them and I speak daily, whether its me calling in an order, or them calling just to "check in" with me.  I love it.  They're all awesome and SO friendly.  It's such a change from the world of mean people at reception.  But then again, these people suck up to me because they want my business.  I get free lunches, coffees, cookies and gift cards daily.  It's pretty cool.

So when Sue told me she was going to deliver my catered lunch because she was short staffed, both of us were pretty excited to actually meet.  Sue is so adorable over the phone and is extremely good at her job.  She remembers certain things that make my job easier, and as a result, I love calling them up to order.   Sue is also my mother's name, so I just assume every Sue out there is an exact replica of my Mom. 

So while tucked away at my new desk/office (have I talked about that? I might be the only "receptionist" that not only doesn't sit in the lobby or answer phones, BUT I have my own office.  Take that!) anyways, I get a call from NG saying that the food has arrived.  I practically run down the hall with excitement of meeting Sue.

Although, when I got out there, I got a little sad when I realized they must have sent this 12 year old looking boy.  Black shirt tucked into their black pants and wearing a black hat covering their short boy haircut.  

"RUBY!?! Ohmigod it is a PLEASURE to finally meet  you!"

A what what? Back up.  That's SUE?!?!  I just confused my favorite caterer in the world as a 12 year old boy?!?

She was not at all what I expected, but as soon as she shook my hand and handed over my free sandwich and iced mocha latte (just because she thought I'd like it), the feeling of love was back.  I'm dying to meet all my other caterers, just to see what they're like.  Sue called me later in the day just to tell me how awesome it was to finally meet, and how she's planning on fattening me up with all her sandwiches because I'm too skinny.  

Hey, compliments AND free food?  Sue, we're gonna get along justtttttttt fine. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stupid cookies

Yesterday was a mixture of snow flurries and rain.  Yesterday, was also Tuesday, my least favorite work day of the week.

I knew I was in trouble when I showed up to work and they were painting in the lobby.  Since the whole room smelled like paint fumes, the guys decided to vent the air... by OPENING THE DOORS TO THE OUTSIDE AND TURNING ON A FAN.  Yes, it's snowing out.  Yes, its about 30 degrees.   Yes, OF COURSE, this makes the most logical sense.  How silly of me to ask why they don't paint after work hours.  Apparently painting the lobby first thing in the morning is a no brainer.  Also, the heat decided it didn't want to work and only blew cold air.  Awesome.

As I sat there with my winter coat still on, I noticed that all 3 of the catered lunches were in different buildings causing me to have to go outside in the miserable cold weather.   Well, that's no different than sitting in a cold lobby, right??

As I'm setting everything up and running around like a crazy person, I realize everything is going smoothly (besides being rained/snowed on).  That should have been my first clue that things were going to go terribly wrong.

While outside conference room, I uncover all the food and start bringing everything in.  It's for a meeting with 20 people, and the room is totally packed.  Not only do I hate going into rooms to bring lunch when people are already there, I'm the sweaty girl from running around and wearing a winter coat.  I decide to be smart, load up the bucket with drinks with the plates, utensils, salad dressing and condiments.  One big trip will be better than a million small ones.

And then.... this happened:

Yup,  that's a puddle all those cookies are sitting in.
While grabbing the bucket, I hit the side of the cart causing the salad dressing to slide off.  I'm pretty sure it all happened in slow motion too, as I stood there watching it spill all over the cookie platter.  

I don't know what I was more upset about: the fact that I just ruined a cookie platter and this group of people would definitely notice that their cookies weren't there, OR that I ruined a cookie platter without stealing one for myself first!!!  The only redeeming fact was that no one saw any if it happen, maybe I'd get away with it.

I get back to my desk and see the email from the admin of the department.  "Hey, is there salad dressing?? And did they forget our cookies?!?"

I ended up having to run out and get the group more cookies, after admitting that the cookies and dressing decided to abandoned ship.

I would have posted this story last night, but after that day, I needed a drink.  Ugh.

Until my next disaster...